Get to know them, Grow to love them!

You’ve heard their voices and now it’s time to see their faces and find out a little bit about our presenters. Who are they? What do they like? What’s their favourite music?

They’ll answer most of those questions here plus give you a little insight into life away from the microphone. With a full day time line-up we’ll soon be adding our weekend presenters to the schedule so we’ll introduce those on here too. You can hear them all via the free to download app, on smart speaker, and at the bottom of every page through our radio player.

Sean Goldsmith

Sean Goldsmith

Sean Goldsmith is back waking you up every morning with a great mix of music and entertaining chat. It’s fair to say Sean’s been around a bit so he knows just how to wake you up in style!

Knowing the area helps a lot when it comes to traffic updates and Sean certainly has the local knowledge.

He can be quite cheeky and you can join him for his daily threesome by sending him your suggestions and he may just play them for you!

Monday – Friday: 7am – 10am

Paul Harvey

Taking over from Sean at 10am, Paul Harvey plays the best music mix from Motown to current chart hits blended with a humourus outlook and talking about all of the local events making sure you’re up to date with what’s happening across our region.

Monday – Friday: 10am – 12pm

Ayup Duck

At 12 o’clock, join Ayup – Our disco duck as he takes over spinning the decks getting you dancing around the room, the kitchen, or even the office.

Wherever you are, you’ll be taken back to your nights out round town that would more than likely have ended up at Xanadu, The Aquarius, Livingstones, Zanzibar or the Brad!

Relieve those great times again with non-stop music for 2 hours over your lunchtimes!

Monday – Friday: 12pm – 2pm

Nigel Turner

After all of that disco stuff it’s time to install some discipline once again and who better than our ex-Head Teacher Nigel who takes control of the studio. As an ex-teacher Nigel is well known around the area so we’re sure if you ask nicely he might help you with your homework!

Just don’t be late, we don’t want you getting detention!

Monday – Friday: 2pm – 4pm

Steve Crumle

You can tune in to our cheeky chap every weekday from 4 playing the best feelgood music from 60’s through to current chart hits and his banter – Just don’t let him lead you astray with ‘chippy Friday’.

Having spent a ‘few’ years in radio he certainly has an ear for great music, as well as the perfect face for radio!

Monday – Friday: 4pm – 6pm

Hayley Grice

Not only is Hayley the newest member of the Chesterfield Radio family but, she’s the youngest to which means she’s got her finger on the pulse when i comes to the latest releases.

You can catch Hayley every Monday-Thursday after Steve Crumley for the latest tracks plus her throwback faves.

Monday – Thursday: 6pm-8pm

80’s @ 8

If you loved the decade fashion forgot, Kylie & Jason and even the Jive Bunny then this show is definitely for you!

Monday – Thursday from 8pm we play nothing but the 80’s for a full 60 minutes so ladies get those shoulder padded blouses out, and fellas dust off your VW badges because we’re about to go back in time!

Monday – Thursday: 8pm

90’s @ 9

9pm Monday to Thursday it’s about the 90’s, the decade that dance really took off along with the battle between Blur & Oasis.

So from Westlife teaching us that the correct time to get up from a stool is during the key change in a ballad, wondering if we were more Baby, Scary, Posh, Ginger or Sporty, Ditto backwards clothes, a la Kriss Kross and having a mobile phone – any mobile phone – made you the coolest. Extra props if you had a Nokiapm 6110 with Snake on it to Girls smelling of Impulse or The Body Shop’s White Musk and Guys smelling like Old Spice or Joop this is your kind of show.

Monday – Thursday:

Dee Bates

Dee is our late night love guru with the sultry voice to go with it. You can join Dee every Sunday – Thursday from 10pm for the best love songs ever made.

You can send your messages of love through our Facebook messenger along with your song dedications. Dee has a very “quirky” sense of humour so try not to blush. Tune in, wind down and end your day the perfect way!

Sunday – Thursday: 10pm – Midnight

Mikey Faulkner

Join Mikey every Friday from 6pm for some of the best 80’s music ever made. From U2 to Simple Minds and everything in between, nothing is off limits with Mikey, even the Proclaimers!

So, if 80’s are your thing make sure you keep us switched on for the decade that fashion forgot.


Simon Marshall

If you remember the days of Xanadu, The Brad, Acca, Adam & Eve and the pubs of the 90’s then you’ll love The Weekend Anthems with Simon Marshall!

For the best of 90’s club music and unforgettable riffs keep i tuned to Simon’s Weekend Anthem’s.

Friday: 9pm

Mark O’Sullivan

mark is one of the better looking presenters here at Chesterfield Radio and you can join him every Saturday and Sunday morning for breakfast and hear great feelgood music his find out what he’s been upto over the past 7 days.

Whatever you do, don’t mention Hollyoaks!

Saturdays: 8am – 10am

Sundays: 9am -11am

Richie Pearson

This guy doesn’t need any introduction so we’ll just advise you to lower your expectations. Join Richie for crackin’ music, catch up on his comical capers and see if you can crack his ‘mind masher’.

He’s not half bad and it passes a couple of hours by on a Saturday so if you’ve got nothing else to do tune in to Chesterfield Radio.

Saturdays: 10am – Midday

Andy Liversidge

Andy has the pleasure of raising the standards after Richie with more fantastic music and his own positive look at what’s going on.

Although Andy is from North of the border we don’t hold it against him as he’s a good lad really!

Saturdays: 12pm – 3pm

Gem Worth

Gem is our girl from Cross, Clay Cross and she’s great with figures (she’s an accountant!). She’s also great at picking a brilliant song or two so hope you can keep it tuned to Chesterfield Radio to listen.

Gem’s vibrant personality os infectious and she has a great sense of humour!

Paul Wragsdale

Paul is our resident jock and Kojak lookalike if Kojak had a beard! He loves nothing more than a good party so push the coffee table to one side and kick off your slippers!

He’s one that doesn’t even have a face for radio but please don’t worry, you can scroll past his picture whenever you see it!

He also has a does a straight guy act every Sunday on our ‘Retro Chart Rundown’ show where he plays 3 top 10’s from 3 different years and he chooses different years eachv week.

Saturdays: 7pm – 10pm

Sundays: 4pm – 7pm

Gary Baine

Gary brings our Saturday night to end with more fantastic music to keep you dancing.

Another one from over the border but Gary is south of the border but he can pick a great tune so we put up with him! Hopefully you can too 🙂

Saturdays: 10pm – Midnight


Trevor Thomas

You can join Trevor every Sunday morning from 11am for track after track of great music to keep you entertained while you cook your Sunday dinner.

Trevor loves talking about the local area, like all of our presenters, so make sure you keep us switched on for a lazy Sunday lunch time.

Sundays: 11am – 2pm

Karen Woodward

A catch up on what’s going on in the world, blended with some fantastic music, add the latest news bulletins and a helping of humour an this is not just a radio show, this is Karen Woodward’s radio show!

Our resident teacher might be able to help you with your homewor so the dog may never have to ‘eat it’ again.

Sundays: 2pm – 4pm

 and t

Chris Buckley

Chris is another one of our thoroughbred presenters having spent quite a bit of time in the business. In fact, some claim Chris was the first presenter to interview Jesus he’s been doing this that long!

Sunday doesn’t have to be depressing because it’s the end of the weekend, keep it alive by listening to the very best of the 70’s and 80’s.

Sundays: 7pm – 10pm